How Positive Thought Changes Mood

Allan Anova
06 Jun , 2022

“One positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.” You had probably heard of this saying or it might just be your first but whether you are hearing it the first time or countless of times already, one remains true to this wonderful piece of wisdom—the quality of our thoughts has a way of affecting how we feel from the inside. The logic behind the adage is actually relatively straight-forward and simple: the quality of your thoughts can be reflective of your mood. When you are upbeat and happy, chances are your mind dabbles around things that are positive, even if it is a daydream. Otherwise, you might be thinking of something upsetting that just persistently annoys you by the second. Although a naturally-existing phenomenon to each and every individual capable of thinking, our thoughts are more powerful than we take it to be as it has the capability to alter how we perceive and respond to our environment, for good or bad. Fortunately, our minds are not programmed to be as simple as having to react to every stimulus with always the exact same reaction as, if A is this, then do that or if B is this, then do this—our mindset is more complex than that and there are variables to consider, if you put it algorithmically. Perhaps the presented condition is even made more complicated by our capability to control what goes inside our heads. Call it a weakness but there is a sense of power knowing how you could be able to control that which controls you—your mind.With that said, it is very important that we feed our minds that best of whatever mind takes in as much the same way that we choose to eat healthy to maintain on our good functioning bodies. Clean thoughts are easily relatable to good acts whereas bad thoughts may give an impression of otherwise, even though the action is not there.

But what better way to do so than knowing how to filter whatever goes in your head or, when already there, choosing on what processes happens in your mind?You may not like the idea but when you are thinking crap, the reaction emanates from the outside to a point of affecting those that are everyone around you.

How did I know?

Well, a mindful and careful observation did the trick for me and the difference between thinking immaculately and otherwise is a matter of spending a whole day of bad or a whole day of good. Positive thinking does wonders in ourselves more than what we give it credit for. You may think positive thinking as similar to day dreaming but is not the feeling of something good is far better than the feeling of bad because you choose to wallow in despair instead?If it was not explicit enough, I think the moral lesson in this topic is that, whenever our souring mood calls for it, positive thinking will do a lot of wonders than be pre-occupied to whichever foulness that affects your mood.

So, when given the choice between positive thought or negative thought, it is always wise that you choose the former over the latter.

Think about it. Better yet, positively so.